Beaded Clutch Cheet Sheet

I saw a gorgeous black velvet evening jacket completely covered in this metallic embroidery and cabochon stones and beads attributed to the 1930’s in a thrift shop in Philladelphia. So, here are the Three Vintage Indian Circa 1930’s Handbags, again, and I will also list the matching accessory items I have found over the years: A slim velvet evening belt trimmed in the same metallic embroidery, two large buttons which can be used to fasten a black jacket or cape or to decorate a pair of evening pumps, and a sheer black silk chiffon scarf/stole/shawl trimmed with matching embroidery and stones at each end to wrap around your neck or drape seductively around your shoulders! It reminds me of English Elizabethan gowns, the glamorous movie stars of the 1930’s and graceful East Indian women in saris all at the same time. I have ended up making some wonderful friends and great connections by spending the time listening to these women tell me the stories. They love to have me over to tea and show me things and tell me all about the stories of their youth, when they wore the items and what life used to be like back in the old days.

I have Dorothy’s life in her sewing patterns! When she returned from her honeymoon I visited her in her new home and she gave me her life in sewing patterns. Another example can be the use of blue color that would depict sea life. Consider how you can operate the colors within your accessories. Upgrade Your Closet With Accessories That Are Ideal To Carry Occasionally Or Everyday. When it comes to parties, you can carry a bejeweled clutch as it works wonders for everyone. Women who left the house needed to carry a few things. The people are nice and love to see their things go to young women who appreciate them. I love this look! The pink background and accent strap grab attention and present a youthful look. The Poppy Pink Beaded Clutch Bag is the perfect accessory for the fancy evening out or when you just need your « essentials. » And with the included gold strap on this clutch, holding cocktail plates and enjoying appetizers couldn’t be easier. The Timeless Elegance of the Silver Purse: A Radiant Accessory for Every Occasion Explore the captivating world of the silver purse and uncover why it remains an iconic choice for fashion-conscious individuals around the globe.

Some reticules had a cylinder container on top that held makeup – a two in one purse! I mention this so that you know these pieces exist and you might be lucky enough to find one! Small silver metal chatelaines were also common, but only big enough to hold a few coins. Garage and yard sales, estate sales, sometimes auctions, antique malls with many dealers in small booths, consignment shops, estate sales, asking friends if I know they are moving, or not interested in those goodies they inherited in a trunk when Grandma dies, elderly friends who are downsizing and moving into retirement homes, the retirement homes themselves often hold senior sales where the residents can sell things they are no longer using and do not have space for. Once he came up with this explanation I seemed to be able to be more tolerant of his interest in gaming and he understood why I like going to estate sales and antique malls and charity and thrift stores! Thrift stores, charity shops, church bazaars, rummage sales, hospital donation shops, the Goodwill, (but I don’t find much there as they are now selling anything they recognize as special on their eBay stores.) The Salvation Army is doing eBay as well.

She was selling many of her belongings on Craig’s list. Celebrate your new ‘Wifey’ status with this sparkly cute clutch/crossbody, or give as a Wedding Shower gift to the soon-to-be Mrs.! You can make a wide variety of DIY Clutches and give them to your friends as a gift. Make one of these evening jeweled, fringed or glittering evening bags a part of your wedding attire, then keep it close at hand for accessorizing in style any night of the year! Canvas totes, leather totes and personalized totes are widely utilized by women around the world as they can store notebooks, shoes, attire, documents, mobile phones, credit cards and various other necessary items. Thus he doesn’t get the rewards – except for the current favor I have done him by showing him that you can find fantastic designer and vintage silk men’s ties in the same types of places I find my treasures! Even low blast pressure will have the same effect.

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