How Fiat Doblo Key Fob Replacement Is A Secret Life Secret Life Of Fiat Doblo Key Fob Replacement

How to Repair Fiat 500 Keys

There are many reasons why your Fiat 500 key fob may not function properly. The tiny « watch » inside the key FOB will often fail. It’s an 3.3 voltage lithium, CR2032, that you can purchase almost anyplace for less than $3.

A locksmith is the best option to contact if you require a new key for your car for an old Fiat model. United Locksmith can provide this service and will have the tools and spare parts required.


Fiat keys may look simple however inside is an electronic chip that connects to the immobiliser system of your vehicle. If this chip is not in place or programmed to the immobiliser system properly your car won’t start. Luckily, Car Keys Solutions are able to offer standard technology and equipment to ensure that your Fiat key can be repaired, even when it has been damaged or has been lost.

A spare key will keep your vehicle running in the event of an accident or near By lockout. We can supply you with a standard blank key or a remote fob. We only use the top blanks, and we offer a rapid turnaround time so that you can be back on the road quickly.

Many people decide to go to an Fiat Dealership to purchase an updated key. We can offer an easier and less expensive service. You can also avoid the towing costs of getting your vehicle to and from the dealership because we can come to you. This will also cut down on the waiting time which can range from a few days to 10 days.


The remote controls of Fiat vehicles are like keys, however they feature an IR LED (infrared). This LED sends signals to the device that allows the car to open or stop when you press. The microprocessor inside the key converts the signal into a code, which is then transmitted to the device.

This is referred to as « keyless entry ». The more recent your car is, and the more likely it is that you have a keyless system. The more advanced your vehicle has, the more features will have. This includes locking and unlocking your car at the pushing a button and opening the doors without touching the handle, and so much more.

The key fob comes with an integrated circuit chip that communicates with the immobiliser system of the car. The system can tell if the correct key is in place near By examining a specific sequence of digits inside the transponder chip. The vehicle will not start if the chip is missing or isn’t programmed to the right immobiliser system.

A locksmith can repair the key fob if it’s damaged. They’ll also need to program the replacement key to sync with the car’s immobiliser system. It is recommended to provide your locksmith details regarding your vehicle whenever they call.

Keyless Entry

With a keyless entry system on your Fiat 500 you can lock or unlock the vehicle with just a touch of one button. This technology is becoming increasingly popular in all kinds of vehicles, and adds convenience and security to the operation of your car.

Check to see if the remote keyless entry system is not working. The battery that powers the coin inside the fob could be depleted. If the battery is empty replace it with a new one with the same voltage, size, and type as the original. It is also important to ensure that the contacts of the battery are free of corrosion or dust.

The key fob is fitted with rubber seals that shield the chip inside from water, but prolonged exposure to salty or soapy water can cause the chip to fail. If your key fob has been exposed to water, take it off and allow the battery to dry completely before replacing it. You can also clean the electronic chip with isopropyl alcohol or electronic cleaner.

The keyless entry system is more secure than conventional systems, as it rolls up the code that is used to unlock your vehicle after each use. This means that hackers won’t be able to gain access to the vehicle even if they are able to intercept the signal.


Fiat uses a crypto keys transponder system. This means that the keys and transponders have to be precoded with a secret code generated by the Body Control Module (BCM) before being « programmed » into the BCM. A blank key that isn’t programmed cannot be programmed because the BCM must read and write the secret key to the transponder before locking it. This is referred to as the cloning.

These are brand new replacement outer cases for OE SIP22 Transponder keys for Fiat 500. They contain a chip that opens the doors and starts the car. Locksmiths will have to cut the chip to fit your ignition.

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