Meet the award winning Electric Violinist from London

Sometimes, the only thing more dangerous than taking a risk is not taking it. Therefore, it is in the music world. Talented and skilled musicians have to explore all kinds of options. They have to take risks, violoniste en concert make reckless purchases to launch themselves desirable opportunities. The electric violin adds another aspect to wedding entertainment and any musical performance. Kate, an award winning electric violinist from London has, with her electric violin, been taken on unexpected paths, but most of all it makes her feel that all the doors to musical opportunities are wide open. With an electric violin anything is possible.

Good electric violins are able to satisfy artistic standards, whether for solo playing for a wedding string quartet, and can be used in a variety of genres. The sound opens up the doors to exciting new artistic opportunities.

Awesome Listening Pleasure

Kate tailors her music to each audience’s needs. An award winning electric violinist like Kate improvises and is able to mix all the different genres to create awesome listening pleasure. Folk music, jazz, pop, classical music – you name it, whether your event is a wedding, part or even a funeral, Kate gives you so many reasons to see why she is in demand at all kinds of events.

The beauty about an electric violin is that it is perfectly suited for wedding entertainment London and other events because of its high frequency and resonance. It’s a beautiful-looking fiddle, including different species of wood. Electric violins feel exactly like a normal violin and also accommodates a shoulder rest, fitting in a standard violin case. Most fittings can also be changed according to the player’s preference, and they work with any violin bow. When plugged in, the violin uses a passive pickup, sending the signal from the string through the wood, into the pickup and into the amp.

There are two options for violins looking to add volume to their playing, and Kate comes prepared for any event. This professional violinist knows that the plus side to using a mic is that it keeps to the natural sound of your violin. On the other hand, the advantage to using a violin pickup is that feedback is lower and better then with a mic.

The Ultimate Entertainment Experience

An award winning electric violinist like Kate simply offers the best entertainment for any event, and its time for you to experience her passion for music and see how she can go from an energetic performance to soothing lounge-style music. Her musical talent allows her to provide ideal background music or music for the main show – her talents are by no means limited to one style of music.

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. This saying from Danny Kaye is true for Kate. She’s put everything she can into her violin playing. If you want to be literally blown away by Kate and her electric guitar along with a wedding pianist, why not hire her? Planning ahead is one way to make sure you’ll never have to be let down by not having Kate fit into your function plans.

Wedding is the best memorable moment of your life. Wedding Violinist should be special for this special occasion. To make this event special choose the right Electric Violinist player.

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