The Most Pervasive Issues In Ghost Immobiliser Cost

Ghost Immobiliser – A Discreet Yet Effective Car Security Solution

Ghost immobilisers stop thieves from starting your vehicle. It makes use of a sequence of buttons that are already present on your steering wheel or centre console to create an individual pin code that must be entered in order to operate the vehicle.

It guards against key cloning and hacking as well as keyless entry. It’s unnoticeable to thieves and could save you money, time and hassle.

It is a car safety system

A ghost immobiliser is a groundbreaking new vehicle security system, Alexia can be installed in a discrete and undetectable manner. It can stop thieves from cloning or hacking your keys to your car, so even if they steal your vehicle, they’ll be in no position to drive it away.

Ghost immobilisers are designed to work in conjunction with the car buttons already in use which makes them difficult to spot by a burglar. They are incorporated into existing wires, making them appear as if they came from the factory, with no external equipment visible or additional wires to hide. They also prevent key cloning and signal jamming and device spoofing, which are all methods commonly used to unlock vehicles with standard immobilisers.

The Autowatch Ghost-II is the latest version of this groundbreaking technology, and provides more protection for your prize and joy. It makes use of the CAN network to lock down the engine, meaning that you don’t have to conceal any external components. It is also undetectable using modern diagnostics, code-grabbing, or scanning using RF that can detect circuit breaks in the car’s wiring.

A ghost immobiliser can save you money and time by preventing thefts and break-ins. It is particularly beneficial for high-end cars that are frequently targeted by thieves due to their perceived value. In addition to stopping the burglar from starting the car, the immobiliser can prevent them from getting into the interior of the vehicle and stealing items.

If you are interested in a ghost immobiliser, think about working with a reputable car modification business that specialises in automotive security. Car Specialist Customs, for instance, alexia is a TASSA-certified company with years of experience in vehicle safety systems. Their Autowatch Ghost II immobiliser is a CAN device that can be installed inside almost any vehicle. It protects against cloning and key theft.

It serves as a deterrent for theft

Ghost immobilisers, unlike other physical deterrents like wheel locks or clamps are completely undetectable and are concealed into the wiring of the vehicle. They work by invisibly disabling the engine’s ignition system which means that thieves are unable to start the vehicle even though they have the key. They are also easy to install and don’t emit radio frequency signals. This means that thieves cannot detect them with sophisticated RF scanning technology or code capture.

A ghost immobiliser adds an additional layer of security to your immobiliser. It protects against key cloning as well as other methods used by thieves to steal vehicles. It also prevents the reprogramming of your transponder chip, so thieves are unable to amplify the transponder signal from your vehicle.

It can be activated by pressing any button within the vehicle, including the ones on the steering wheel and centre console. Once activated, the device enters a « Service/Valet mode » and will only start your engine when you enter the exact pin code. Each device is programmed with a unique PIN code sequence that ranges between 4 and 21 button presses making it almost impossible for thieves to crack the code. It’s so small and discreet it can be hidden in your vehicle. It’s fully sealed which means there aren’t any LEDs that could signal the location of the device to thieves.

In addition to preventing theft, ghost immobilisers are also excellent for resales value. Prestige cars in particular can be difficult to sell if they have been stolen. The cost of an aftermarket ghost immobiliser is a small amount of money for the peace of mind it gives to the owner and potential buyers of a prestige vehicle.

It is easy to install

The Ghost Immobiliser is a revolutionary new security system that adds a layer of protection to the vehicle. It stops thefts of cars with keys by preventing thieves from starting your car with stolen keys or cloned remotes. It can also deter criminals by preventing them from stealing your car in the first place. It’s simple to install, and can be a beneficial addition to your vehicle’s overall security and security.

The system works by connecting to the data bus of the car and interrupting the signal sent from the keyfob to the ECU. This stops the starter motor as well as other crucial components from turning on, making it impossible for thieves to start your vehicle. This technology is particularly beneficial in high-end cars, as it can help to protect their resale value.

Another benefit of the ghost immobiliser is that it is virtually impossible to be detected by thieves, in contrast to traditional immobilisers. The device does not send any radio signals and cannot be detected by the diagnostic tools used by thieves to scan and copy keys. The sound of a relay can help identify traditional immobilisers.

Ghost immobilisers are also simple to disable, since they’re not connected to the ignition or other parts of the vehicle’s internal systems. They are also much more difficult to hack than physical deterrents like steering wheel locks or wheel clamps. They are hard to detect and defeat due to the fact that they are built into your vehicle. Furthermore they are more effective than faraday bags, which can be easily compromised when the material wears through and holes develop.


A ghost immobiliser is a security device that stops your car from being taken. It works by preventing the engine from running without the proper pin number. This unique PIN is entered using buttons located in the interior of the vehicle, including the steering wheel, the centre console, and pedals. The system is completely silent and does not emit any signals. This means that thieves are unable to employ codes or RF scanning technology to determine the security device installed in your vehicle. It also blocks key cloning, signal jamming and device spoofing – all of the methods thieves typically use to unlock vehicles with regular factory-fitted immobilisers.

This high-tech device is able to be installed on any vehicle. It communicates with ECUs via the CAN data networks and doesn’t emit radio signals. This makes it difficult to detect. It’s not vulnerable to hacking or key cloning. It also blocks engine immobilisation.

In addition to its function as a deterrent to theft Ghost immobilisers can also safeguard your prestige car’s resale value. Prestige cars are frequently targeted by thieves, particularly when they’ve been stolen prior to. This can lower the value of your vehicle, but a ghost-immobiliser will stop it from being taken away.

While the cost of a ghost immobiliser varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle, it’s well worth the investment. It could save you thousands of dollars in the event of a theft and help protect your car from damage or theft. You can purchase a ghost immobiliser through many companies, like Car Specialist Customs, and they can be installed in your vehicle in under an hour.

It is simple to modify

Ghost immobilisers offer a quiet and efficient solution for car security. They are perfect for those who value their vehicles, but want to add an additional layer of security. They can deter thieves and prevent car theft by requiring an exclusive pin code that is only accessible to the owner. These devices can be installed without creating permanent damage to the car.

They are an excellent option for those who have spent an enormous amount of money the personalization of their vehicle or have a rare, expensive model. They can also bring peace of mind to the driver, and also protect the resale value. They are a great alternative to traditional alarm systems and bags that are easily overridden.

The Ghost CAN Bus Immobiliser is the very first aftermarket CAN Bus immobiliser on the market. It is protected from key-cloning hacking and vehiclejacking. It uses the buttons in your vehicle’s steering wheel, door panels and centre console to create a disarm sequence that only you know. You can make the sequence as long as 20 presses, so that it will take the time needed for a thief unlock the code and begin to start the vehicle. It also has a service or valet mode that permits your vehicle to be operated for servicing or valet parking (within specified parameters) without the need for a PIN code.

It is easy to install and requires no tools, such as wire cutters. It’s also subtle and can be easily installed without damaging the vehicle permanently. It is compatible with a variety of automobiles like motorhomes, bikes and even cars.

It is essential to select a professional ghost installer who will give you a full demonstration of the system. This will allow you to try the system out and make sure it meets your needs before making a final decision. In addition you should request the warranty and emergency card from the company you choose.

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